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Now I have done some Affiliate Marketing and it’s actually pretty neat.  I’ve never made more than a few hundred dollars a month doing it, but then again- it’s not my focus.  I am sure that there are probably some good free sources of information out there and you can do a search to find them but the things that I am listing below are courses and/or memberships that I have actually used.  There may be some free info available with these but for the most part, you will pay for them.  Check them out though, I learned some pretty cool things.

Creating Affiliate Relationships

Clickbank – Clickbank is a great place to start if you want to become and affiliate.  Clickbank has thousands of vendors that are looking for affiliate to promote their products.  All you do is sign up with Clickbank and you can promote any of their products.  All items sold through Clickbank are digital and have a money back guarantee to protect the buyers which gives them added comfort when making a purchase.

Commission Junction – Commission Junction is similar to Clickbank but their vendors also sell physical products as well.  With Commission Junction, you sign up with them and then you request to become an affiliate for the vendors you want to promote.

Peerfly – Peerfly is great for the CPA (cost per action) offers that I spoke about.  They also have some CPS (cost per sale) items but CPA is where it is at here.  All you do is sign up with Peerfly and they look through the current offers that they have going.  Some you will need to be approved for but many you just get your link or banner and you can start promoting.

Maverick Money Makers

Mack Michaels teaches some pretty cool things here.  Check out the site, there are a bunch of videos that you can watch to get a feel if it is a good fit for you.

Mobile Monopoly

This is an absolute new twist on marketing in the 21st century.  Adam Horwitz shares some really cool things about affiliate marketing and specifically marketing to the mobile world.

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall is the man when it comes to Google AdWords and he has recently branched out into other areas of Internet Marketing as well.  If you want to learn how to promote on the Internet, Perry is a good place to start.  Here are some links to his products:

Definitive Guide to Google AdWords
Google Content Network Home Study
Facebook Advertising
Guerilla Marketing




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