Create Your Own Product

I have never created my own product, at least not anything that I have tried to sell.  If you make a good product and know how to get it out into the marketplace you can make an absolute killing.  There are definitely some thinks that you’ll want to know about product launches before you take it on though.

Mass Control Blog

This is Fran Kern’s blog and if you are going to launch a product over the Internet you want to listen to Frank.  Don’t let Frank’s looks (think surfer dude) deceive you – he is the best.  To give you an idea of just how good he is, last year Tony Robbins sought him out to help him with a  launch.

Frank gives out a ton of great information.  You will learn soooo much.  Of course he sells some stuff too but you’ll know it when he does, he makes no bones about it.

Outsourcing Resources

Elance – Here you can hire people to do just about anything for you from website design to writing content for you, from graphics to presentations and much much more.

(formerly rentacoder) – Here you can outsource all your programming needs.

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