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As you know, Network Marketing is my personal recommendation to people wanting to make money from home. In the videos I covered some topics about finding the right Network Marketing opportunity for you.  This page is not about that.

I’d love to be able to give you a listing of all the NM companies out there today and who is good and who’s not but that just doesn’t exist.  And from what I’ve found, any list that attempts to be that has some bias built into it so you’re really better off finding opportunities like I did, on message boards (I’ll list a few below) and then finding out more about them individually.

One of the biggest reason people fail in network marketing is simply because they don’t get enough good, quality leads. So that’s what the focus for these resources is.

Mike Dillard Products

Mike Dillard is the man when it comes to educating people on getting leads for business opportunities. Here are a few things that he has to offer and many of them actually have some free info that you can get too.

Building on a Budget – ways to build your business even if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on advertising.

Magnetic Sponsoring – You can actually get a free 7 day e-course here.  Magnetic sponsoring is about attracting the right people to your business.

Black Belt Recruiting – This is where you go when you want to learn how to speak with your leads and when.

MLM Traffic Formula 2 – This is about getting high quality leads, every day, for you to talk to.

The Copywriter’s Guild – This is about knowing how to write so your audience will respond.  You can get free instant access here BUT they’re updating the product now but it should be back soon and you can get on the waiting list.

PPC Domination – This is about rocking Pay-Per-Click advertising

Perry Marshall

I have links to Perry Marshall’s products in the “Affiliate Marketing” tab as well because this is all about advertising and that’s the name of the game for both Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing.  Perry is the master of Google AdWords and he has also branched out into other areas as well.  He has a ton of things out there and here are some links to just a few:

The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords
Google Content Network Home Study
Facebook Advertising
Guerilla Marketing

Mobile Monopoly

I have this link in the Affiliate Marketing section too because Adam actually teaches some affiliate marketing in this course BUT the basis of this is really about driving massive amounts of traffic to your website and your website can be your lead capture site and not an affiliate site.  This is about utilizing the massive mobile market out there.

Message Boards

Here are some message boards that I found useful when I was looking for an opportunity (and after).  You’ve got to take things with a “grain of salt” because there are so many personalities out there but you will find people that  you resonate with and they may just be the leader you’re looking for.

Remember though that there are a lot of uneducated (not stupid, but uneducated) people who love to post.  Be especially cautious of negative posts – there might be some validity but a lot of it is uneducated BS – especially considering the fact that many people that post negatives on the boards want you to join their opportunity and love to bash other things to make them look better or they may have a personal vendetta against a company because they feel scorned.  The important thing here is to make up your own mind.

Rich Dad Forum – This is Robert Kiyosaki’s forum and the link I gave should lead directly to the Network Marketing threads.  I haven’t been here for a while but there were some pretty good posters here and a lot of good information.  Hopefully it is still worthwhile.

Warrior Forum – This is a seriously good message board with a lot of people who know their stuff.  Some bloated personalities but the content is real good.  Again, I haven’t been hanging out on the forums for a while so I am hoping that the quality is still the same. – I haven’t been here for quite a while, but this was the board that I first found when I was looking and is actually where I found my first mentor.  There was always a ton of drama here and some of it got down right personal between posters but if you could cut through that crap, there was some good content.  I did stop reading it when it got too much like a soap opera but I have heard that they took some strides to tighten up the place and bring back quality.

The Network Marketing Forum – I haven’t spent much time here because it launched right around the time I was getting out of the forum scene but I know one of the women who created the forum and she still moderates it.  Her goal was to create a quality forum where people could really provide good information and resources to the network marketing community.



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