Selling Stuff

Now I’ve had garage sales and sold some things on eBay and using Craigslist but it was just a quick convenient way to make a few bucks.  I don’t know much about creating a career using these methods nor have I ever really researched it but I do know that people do it and I have found some resources that you can use to find out more.


  • Instant eBay Business-In-A-Box – This is put together by Francis Ochoco, the first ever eBay Entrepreneur of the Year.  He’s giving away some free info (although I am sure he’s probably selling some stuff too).


Garage/Yard Sales

  • This woman loves yard sales.  Enough to dub herself the Yardsale Queen.  She’s got some good tips here on her site though.
  • Here’s an article I found on that has some pretty good tips.
  • Looks like there are a ton of info and tips on garage and yard sales.  Just do an Internet search and check some of them out.

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